Bernadette N. Swan Social Care Foundation

We provide individualized services to seniors through our
Advocacy and Referral, Community Education, and Peer Support Programs

​​Advocacy and Referral Program

The Advocacy part of the program identifies seniors who are victims of abuse, neglect, poverty, disease, hunger, homelessness, and other disabling conditions.  We make their stories known to the appropriate authorities and organizations so that they can obtain relief, and be restored to an optimal level of wellness.

The Referral part of the program provides seniors with information on and assistance with accessing community resources. The subjects we deal with are housing, law, finances, mental health and addictions, general health care, nutrition, health and wellness, transportation, recreation, among others.

Community Education Program

The Community Education Program raises public awareness about the issues that seniors face, in order to stimulate social change that will improve their lives.  Our youth-oriented culture as presented by the mass media makes life appear as if elderly people do not exist.  Our culture tends to segregate our elderly population into specialized facilities, isolated from mainstream society.  This creates barriers that prevent elderly people from participating in community activities in meaningful, productive, and fulfilling ways.

We enlist the support of professionals with specialized knowledge of senior's issues such as health care providers, social workers, law enforcement personnel, as well as senior citizens themselves to share their knowledge and tell their stories.  They give presentations to church groups, service clubs, community groups, political representatives, professional associations, students, and the general public. We report these stories via our website, blog, newsletter, print and social media, and YouTube. 

Ultimately the goal of the Community Education Program is to shift the spirit of the times, so that people will come to understand that senior's lives matter, and that seniors' wisdom, understanding, insight, experience, and knowledge can uplift the overall quality of life of our society.

Peer Support Program

The Peer Support Program provides seniors with companionship, social, emotional, and practical supports. Seniors help other seniors by delivering classes in computer and internet skills, nutrition, and health and wellness.  Seniors who are willing and able volunteer their time to drive others to doctors and other appointments.  They deliver food hampers to those in need.  Some seniors volunteer their time in our office receiving telephone calls, providing other seniors with information they are seeking.

Did You Know?

In 2013,* Canadian seniors made up approximately 15 percent of the total population. By 2036, this number is expected to increase to between 23 and 25 percent. As more Canadians become seniors, there will be proportionately fewer Canadians of working age. In 2038, there will be about 40 seniors for every 100 adult Canadians (between 18 and 64 years of age)—double the number of seniors in 2013.* *